Tuesday, July 21, 2009

life in college is of course more interesting than in school

I’d say cheers to myself repeatedly now that I’m conveniently tucked in college. Not just another college but a 40 year old household name easily remembered by all, the veteran TAR College. I’m totally full of enthusiasm looking forward to a great life in college.

Who would have thought that co-curriculum in college gives that extra punch, so intense yet fullfilling. It furnishes the requirement to produce alert, energetic and motivated graduates. A great situation for students to wash away all the unnecessary study stress. Students from different culture, religion and background merge together all for one sole reason – to sweat it out, participate, excell and to acknowledge the strength and weaknesses each possesses. All these are achievable outside study hours. The rewarding enthusiasm experience strangely aren’t felt during school days.

Another great situation would be the moment spent quietly in the college library. Its grandeur makes any student proud to be a part of it. There’s countless of references able to be referred to without qualm. One can easily spend the hours away without much care. Remembering what the library was like at school often tickles me. However after comparing notes with other friends attending other colleges, nothing beats the library of TAR College so to speak

Today I take pride that I could make a bee-line to the Student Affairs Department for any grouses anytime pertaining to college matters. Most importantly like any other student, I feel secure and well presented having the S.A.D behind me solidly. That is something unheard of back then in school. Worst, some colleges don’t even have the Student Affairs Department. That’s when I feel blessed to be in ‘this college’.

Talking about food, don’t we have so much choice that choosing becomes a major problem in our college canteen. Then there is also other cafeterias. Eating becomes problem number 2 in TAR College. Sadly, back in school our choice of food was too limited. A case of taking or leaving.

The college compound is so huge that a ten ringgit petrol to take a tour of the college and its vicinity won’t be sufficient. Walking around college, under the sun with some cloud would be tolerable and the walk seems endless. In school, a five minutes walk would’ve covered the whole area. Then again one does not get car summonses other than from the Police or JPJ, here getting summonses is not just common but what’s more interesting is getting your car all chained up for a price of five ringgit penalty per wrong doing. So unheard of in school. Anyone can park haphazardly without a care.
If that’s not enough the sight of the security staffs either gives you the goose pimple, dampened your high spirited mood or tickles you. Ever always checking the cars, motorbikes and monitoring the ever heavy traffic in college. A great experience looking at them at how they conduct their duties. This is so foreign in school. There’s hardly any security staff lurking around.

More than anything else, every so often I forget I’m on Malaysian soil when I dress myself to college - ‘college style’ just like those Western movies where teenagers are dressed to college. What’s making it different is that we have our distinctive Malaysian college style – grooming ala TAR College, with the mixed culture that’s being embraced in here the dressing dawned by all is so totally ‘vogue student’. Thank god there is no rigid dress code let alone college uniform. Wearing a standard uniform for decades is unbelievably boring.

Ever so relief that I’m a college student and not just another college student, but TAR College student. Definitely life in college is far more meaningful, rewarding, and full of great experiences. If only the clock could stop I would want to remain a college student for as long as it takes. Bravo to me.