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Grow healthy hair

to be honest, I'm not really the kinda person who takes good care of her hair. why? maybe because I am not like allergic to anything (in terms of eating habits, skin care or even hair) like any kind of product for anything. cheap or expensive, I can use pretty much everything. I guess that's basically why I'm taking things for granted. and actually, it's pretty hard for me to start caring about these things. again, maybe because I'm lucky. not to mention fortunate that I'm not allergic to anything. thank god. and I only started to take care of everything only these recent years. well i can say not more than 2 years ago? So yea. slowly I became interested in health care and beauty bla bla yakitty yakk.. so I looked up for a few things and got myself into home remedies and all. plus, perfect way to save money. AND it's more effective because all the things I use are natural (most of them) so about hair! Here are some of the DO(s) and DON'T(s) to having greater and stronger hair :

• wash your hair every day - tak elok nyah! you’re stripping your hair of its moisturizing oils.
• brush your hair while wet - this is very bad, it will strain your hair and can lead to breakage.
• use a hair dryer - now i know it’s a hard habit to break, but you’re killing your hair.
• hair dye, permanent/semi whatever - not that you can’t but if possible, lessen the colouring. you’re doing irreversible damage.
• use a straightener/curling iron every day – kesian rambut tu kering. Try to only use them on occasion, and protect your hair when you do! try using a natural heat protectant.
• dry your hair with a towel by pressing and rubbing them together. Nope, it doesn’t help dry much and nope it’s not so healthy. Rambut akan jadi kasar.
• Trim every 2 weeks or so? you don’t need to trim every month and all, but you could like trim when you have split ends. they WILL continue to split and your hair will not be pretty nor will it be long and strong.
• pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or bun every day. Don’t. don’t become me ;P wellI have this habit of not enjoying when strips of hair fall down my face and neck. It annoys me so bad but don’t. it will somehow cause breakage. Your hair needs to breathe. Lets it flow on its own. How would you feel if someone lock you up in a room everyday? I believe you’ll feel slightly suffocated right? Your hair needs air too, therefore leave it alone once in a while.

*if you can, drop all those commercial shampoos, conditioner, and styling products all together. your hair doesn’t need to be coated in chemicals to be pretty. i’m this way with my hair and i don’t even need conditioner or styling products anymore. you’d be surprised at what your hair can do/look like when there are no chemicals clinging to it. although the shampoo that I highly recommend is Selsun Blue.

Why do I recommend Selsun Blue Shampoo? its great at seborrheic dermatitis control. Since it contains selenium sulphide, that helps treat dandruff and certain types of dermatitis. it specifically destroys dermatophyte. also causes a decrease in the production of cells in the top layer of skin. I often get like a substantial amount of dandruff, regular shampoo like Dove/Head&Shoulders/Clear/L’oreal/Herbal Essences or even Schwarzkopf doesn't really do anything much to help (not that these brands are no good). Most anti-dandruff shampoos have the ingredients like Pyrithione zinc which is supposed to help with dandruff, but instead. Selsun blue helps like A LOT. Since there are many causes for dandruff to occur it seems that you have to make sure you are using the right shampoo for the exact skin condition you have. I had flaking drops on my shoulder in the beginning but By week 2 I was practically flake free! So you can give it a try, it may seem a little pricey for a small bottle (comparing to the other shampoos) but I guess quality always wins? It is really good. You can get it at the supermarket ofcourse. So try it!

Tip : let your hair air dry by itself please. wash your hair like every 3-4 days is more than enough. But please still shower. We are talking about hair, doesn’t mean you can’t bathe! Hygiene is important people! Other than that, I can suggest you to take biotin (and fish oil) supplements. it’ll strengthen your hair and nails. not to mention help with adding moisture and shine! But if you DON’T LIKE PILLS. Jangan lah makan. It’s more like an extra tip. It’s not like a mandatory thing or what not.

Healthier hair tip : EASY, QUICK & EFFECTIVE Hair Growth Treatment! well to get healthy hair you gotta start from the root! your scalp. everything you need will typically be in the kitchen already so here we go. Onions! but why onions? because we need the juice. why onion juice? because they have buttloads of sulfur, and our scalp likes to have buttloads of sulfur on it ✔
sulfur creates bloodflow which makes your hair grows faster and stronger. it opens up pores of your hair follicles that were blocked and prevent scalp infection (: its one badass treatment and its free! so how do you do it?

all you need is an onion, a blender/cheese grater and a container/jar!
1) blend/grate your onions into the jar
2) apply & massage it on your scalp and let it sit for atleast 30-45 minutes or you can sleep with it.
3) wash it off (dont worry the scent will come off as you wash your hair) using any shampoo!

Check out short hair treatment clip !

So.. 3 simple steps aint it? do it as often as twice a week or everyday. just dont expect your hair up to your knees by tomorrow cause we all know our hair grows only half an inch in a month so be patient! enjoy.

• use a wide-toothed comb instead of a bristle brush. it’ll catch and pull your hair less and lead to way less breakage and damage. Sikat jangan kasar2 sangat. Manja2 dah lah (:
• massage your scalp about 5 minutes a day to promote growth. It helps with blood circulation.
• abandon commercial shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products. this is an extreme step, but atleast give it a try.
• drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and exercise. you gotta keep your hair healthy from the inside out! i fully support a plant-based diet. Jangan ingat makanan tak memainkan peranan? Oh they do. Big time.

Straight and silky hair tip :
GHEE! yes. ghee is minyak sapi. and minyak sapi is ghee.

what you do is take 2 tablespoon of ghee and heat it on the stove. you can use a pot or a frying pan or whatever. whichever that is quicker for you. don't over heat it, you'll end up having pure liquid (although it's fine). reason why I say not too hot is because you'll be applying it on your hair. nope, not head/scalp.. but HAIR. now some of you may like, some of you may not like the smell of ghee because it's super strong. smells like you're baking your hair sometimes. but be patient. it'll pay off.
so just 4 simple steps
1) 2 tablespoon of ghee.
2) reheat it on the stove for just a moment.
3) apply on your hair for a minimum of 45minutes - 1 hour. OR you can do it like me, I sleep with it. but of course i put a towel on my pillow.
4) wash it off (with or without shampoo both are applicable), let it dry naturally and see the difference. voila!

Overall : if you wanna have your hair grow longer and stronger, these techniques will help your hair, but your hair will have to grow out to get rid of the existing damage. there’s just no way around that. i wish there was! the amount of time your hair takes to grow depends on a lot of things, so BE PATIENT! i know it’s hard! my family’s hair grows like crazy, so i got lucky in the genetics department. but it also depends on what you’re putting into your body.. food! Jaga your food! how you’re treating your hair, and past damage. remember that your hair’s part of a living thing.. YOU. treat it as such :)
So, have fun trying all these tips. hope it is useful for you! feel free to drop a comment and ask me anything if you're unsure.

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