Tuesday, September 13, 2016

so only today I decided to continue blogging. Trust me, my blogs aren't interesting as other famous bloggers or what not. I just felt like scribbling something. And of course everytime I start scribbling, it'll only be because I am either lost, or down, or fucked up.

I wonder like why the heck do I only write if I'm in such mood, like why can't I say shit when I'm happy right? (--") Haha. Reason is simple, if I am happy living life, it only means that I'm actually LIVING IT. So yea, I am in the midst of wanting to talk.. But I'm still thinking on which topic do I want to start with. I don't wanna be jummbling everything into one post, like that's gonna be super duper long. Cause everyone knows if I start talking, it'll not only be pretty specific and detailed, it'll not stop literally! So okay, lemme think about what to talk about and I'll start writing. In the mean time, I love my life and everything else around me. Talk to yall later!

*gotta construct what I wanna say first!*