Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Money Goes Out Like Water

Money goes out like water I seriously don’t know where all my money went but I can tell you. I spend on food nowadays like nobody’s business. I know I didn’t spend on me alone ar. Food I don’t berkira much ar. Other than that I seriously don’t know were all my money went. Perhaps it’s the outing. Since I don’t get to go cuti I try to relax my stressed out brain for a movie or two. Well actually, I was never a movie kinda person. It has always been once in a blue moon. and by that I meant, setahun tak sekali, would you believe me when I say that?

nah, really. I don’t go for movies much. no joke.. but recently I tell you. I go for movies like as if there’s only one cinema house in Malaysia. Well it’s all the attention I get from my friends though. LOL. apa lagi kan? cause everyday is just ‘home → studio → makan → home → show’ that’s pretty much my everyday life. Yes, takde life lah katakan. But recently it’s like, gila ar. hangout a bit, spend on food, movies.. and petrol lagi to go around semua.cause if not, it ain’t gonna cost so much cause all I ever go is just studio, makan & show.. that’s all.

I gotta start monitoring my financials again.. just because I have the money, doesn’t mean I should be spending much. gotta start saving again. my mind has always been about dance, dance, dance, future, savings that’s it. money goes out from my pocket like water man and this is NOT good at all. You wanna survive in this industry you better have money to roll on. To be honest, I have 18 pending payments weii. If I don’t have money for my expenses, how am I gonna live waiting for all this 18 payments? damn pokai sia. Plus people owe me money and stuff. haish. gotta get my head straight back in the game. No distraction. Go kiks!