Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2014

2014 is ending soon, and I’m reflecting on the things that had happened throughout the year. Seems to me like, the only thing I never really did manage to achieve from year to year was losing weight. Like I said, it is pretty impossible for me to lose weight BUT yes, I lost inches. So many of ‘em, the only thingI need to do now is just get fit and toned. Although I am in shape LOL. yes, I am in shape.. round is a shape. Bahahahahaha. Okay it’s time to talk about something a little bit more serious and recap some of the good and bad memories. Firstly, I got into this year single. After being in a long distanced, unhealthy relationship, I finally got off. Too bad things just didn’t work out and I pretty much wasted my time being in denial and fought for my relationship way too long than I should be, when I knew it was going down the drain. Didn’t take him a long time to find a replacement anyways, lol. Then, mid January was pretty hard for me as I lost someone close to my heart. My good friend passed, he was way to young. I wasn’t ready to lose him, a very nice guy, kind hearted. I was there when he was hospitalized, I saw the drastic change before he passed. It broke my heart, and it left me haunted by my dreams, dreams of him. I was so lost at the moment. And I didn’t know how to handle those feelings because the day that he passed, was the day that my brother got engaged. I had to put a smile on my face when, deep down I just couldn’t take it.

Enough about January, I wanted to have a very long long long holiday. I worked so hard for 2 years and abroad, and never had time for myself. So I decided to go to a whole year long vacation (which didn’t really got up to one year, but twas good enough for me!) I went to Thailand (Hatyai specifically), Singapore, Langkawi, Labuan, and the States.. Stayed in LA for a bit, went to Orange County and San Diego, visiting and then I end up in San Francisco and Seattle. Sepatutnya sambung ke Miami to visit my aunt, but tak sempat. They say ‘betul-betul balun’ ni. Haha. Twas good for me, I get to celebrate my birthday there (when most of you know, I’m always scared of celebrating my birthday. It haunts me and it’s terrifying) I guess I deserved my time off and I enjoyed my freedom!

Later, I had to come back to Malaysia eventually. Kenot lah. Once a workaholic, always have been, and always will be. I’m so attached to dancing, I just had to come back. Plus, my brother was getting married in April, so I had to come back and help out. Yes I felt macam tak puas, but twas a good thing. It kickstarted my dancing jobs again. I got busy back2back shows, managing events, coordinating, singing, assisting jobs, teaching and what not. After that, I heard Supermokh The Musical was doing a comeback, and I just had to audition. I LOVEEEEE the stage life of a musical. It’s so mesmerizing, the experience is beyond words. So I audition and got it.! Rehearsals started in July, and shows are in september. But believe you me, sempat cuti lagi sebelum kerja! Boracay babyyyyy! But when I was there, party-party kat sana macam sangat wow. Sampai tak terlarat nak catch up. Almaklumlah, I’m getting old. Tak larat dah lutut nak enjoy-enjoy macamtu.

I had a wonderful time being involved with Supermokh, it really paid off. Fun team to work with. Tipu lah kalau kecik-kecik drama tu tak ada, but everyone is professional right? I THINK SO LAH. Anywho, positive vibe lah jugak, and less politics I can say? Yea. After the cast party tu, I end up holiday-ing again! haha, back to the Philippines, balik Manila, bicol. Stayed in Naga city for a bit. A relaxing time for me. And, at the same time had a friend looking for me there, so sweet. Getting to know the whole Filipino family of mine, he pretty much looked for me everyday when I was there. Spoke to me a few times in a day. So cute. I saw some initiative there ;P

I came back happy, with a surprising good news. I got two huge job offers. One from Airasia which I turned down. One more is Astro, which I accepted and currently in training with Astro On Air. Syukur Alhamdulillah. I was rather surprised getting both; Airasia was tempting sangat, since I was amongst the top finalist they wanted and requested by the Captain of Airasia.. and Astro On Air pun tak kurang surprising jugak, as I was personally handpicked by Dato Aznil Haji Nawawi to join this course which is fully sponsored by Astro Talent Management. I mean like, really.. WOW. And ofcourse, opportunities like this don’t come knocking on your door twice. And I took Astro, also because tak lari dari bidang yang diceburi; Entertainment. So far after being in training for two and a half months now, I could see that I have learnt A LOT, and these knowledge that I’m getting for free is so valuable because not only it is passed down for free ;P but because I’m getting it from the best teachers in this line. So terima kasih Allah. I can never thank Him enough.

I’ve been through a lot this year actually, it’s just that I choose to highlight the good times in here, because I don’t see the point in reminiscing too much of negativity that have happened in the past year, it’ll only bring tears and pain. So no need. What I can say is, this year has its ups and downs.. and I’m thankful for everything. So I’m praying for the best next year, kalau ada jodoh tetap dengan Astro.. In Shaa Allah, it’ll be my humble beginning for something new. kalau ada jodoh kahwin juga.. In Shaa Allah, dengan izinNya. Kalau ada jodoh kita juga, we’ll meet again. Thank you for reading this. It is not much, but that’s my story. Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015. May all be good for me, for you and for the rest of the world. Amen~