Sunday, November 28, 2010

Soulful Celebrities @ Celebrity Club .

Well , what can I say .. Yesterday was absofrigginly awesome . Honestly I didn't expect it to be REALLY GOOD . In fact it was spectacular . Soulful Celebrities was held at Celebrity Club Solaris Mont Kiara , Soho KL starting 0930pm - 0100am .

Kudos to My brother Andi as I must say .. practically He managed everything by himself . Didn't think he could pull off a bloody good show like yesterday . I'm sure it wasn't easy for him to handle everything on his own .. Since he has a showcase which he also produced earlier .. That was @ Laundry Bar , Curve which sadly I didn't make it due to my show . That too , he worked alone .

As per yesterday . He gathered soulful singers & big names together like ; Fatin Syazana , Amirul Jafril , Sabhi Saddi & Andi A. Merican ( my brother himself ) .. had a complete set of 'talented' musicians and BVs , He got the venue sendiri , the promotions and printing all by himself jugak . With no help . Forked out his own benjamins . And just look at yesterday !! the crowd loved it !!

He planned everything . All the artistes , the place , musicians , promotions , designing .. And the banner was pretty ! plus the sales , The crowd .. Everything lah I must say ! Dah separuh jalan through out the show pun abang aku sebok jalan sana sini , berpeluh macam forest gump .. Entertaining guests and all . I'd say mamat ni bagus gila lah ( not that I always puji him ! ) I know he is bagus . But yesterday he was really bagus . as a matter of fact . he was more than bagus . He showed to everyone that despite whatever he's doing , all the business and etc .. He managed to not only talk the talk , he walks the walk too . Pulled off a great show . And it was a one man show .

A token of appreciation to : Fatin Syazana .. Girl !!! you've got soul ! , Amirul Jafril and the great sound ! .. Sabhi Saddi ( Boy ) + your move and groove ! And lastly hehe .. Abalong .. some awesome shit broooo !

So far semalam sangat mengasyikkan . Despite the soundman yang memang agak mengundang backslap dari ku .. other than that everything went well . KUDOS ! Memang semalam was a blast . The musicians + BVs memang bagus !! diorang betul2 'bagi' soul diorang ..
and they are called 'HARMONISME' .. and they're all single too . hahaha . BETUL LAH !
consist of 'Zharif , Shah Hans and Farhan !' wuhooo . dah macam gospel kat church pun ada diorang ni . tak percaya ? you wait for the next showcase and check them out Standing ovation okay !(:

Plus , feedback from the guests pun sangat memuaskan . Puas hati sangat .. Some of the people even said it's soooooo worth it for only rm35-50 . in fact sangat murah la kalau anda tengok show semalam . Cause yesterday's show is definitely worth more than that . Thanks to all who came !!!!!

One word to describe the event : Outstanding .
Adios (:

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