Friday, August 27, 2010

Life's like a magnet

What I feel, so complex, words beyond description. I ask to myself
"What favours have I done for myself?" I've done way too many mistakes, COUNTLESS of times and I still havent learn with all those damage that is way beyond repair.

Managing facts,
What exactly am I doing?? .. Too busy managing other peoples' life, when to manage my own. Always thinking about how others' feel, no time to look after my own.

All guidance I've got seems like effortless. Too many have said to ;
"Move on, why the hell are you still standing here,..."

These contemplative thoughts playing on my mind. Should I stay or Should I go, What do I get if I stay, and What do I get if I go,...
Physically yes I wanna go, Mentally ? feels like a no. My feet are stuck to the floor I can't move,.. And everytime I feel like letting go, I always remember why I held on for so long.. And it stops me from letting go, and wanting to wait much longer.

"Could I take this"

yes, with GOD's grace, with his strength, I believe I can do it. Say whatever..


I don't believe when people tell me that misery makes you stronger, the fact is,
It doesn't. It just makes you realise what's worth, and what's not, then only you begin to think about what to do, where to go, when to move, which path you're taking and what exactly is the next step. and right now.. I wonder when will everything be back on track.

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