Friday, August 27, 2010

Sometimes the there's just the naked truth in front of you

There was a couple who are married for almost 10 years with no children. The husband does his routine everyday working from 9am - 5pm. The wife does her very best routine gardening, cooking, washing and whatever. The husband reaches home at 6 and dinner is always ready on the table. Like normal couples do, they dine, watch tv together, bathe, make love and fall asleep as usual. The wife is the type of person who trusts her man but the husband doesn't really trust her I don't know why. More when he found out that everyday around 5pm sharp or slightly few minutes early, some old guy went to his house talking to his wife. Later, since he couldn't keep his balls together, he asked his wife over dinner.

Husband : "Honey, is it true there was an old man talking to u almost everyday ?? "

Wife (shockingly replied) : "Umm.. yes dear. I didn't wanna bother you with this petty matter.
he was just a sick flirt, disgusting old man"

Husband: "What made u say that?? "

Wife: "He always come by the house and ask me Is ur husband at home..? i said No. Then he asks Do you have a PUSSY? i just figured i didn't need to entertain a prick like him so I slammed the door. it happens almost everyday but I didn't wanna bother you though."

Husband: "Really..?? Let's do this. tomorrow, i'll take an offday.. if the old man comes and ask you about me, you say No. Then if he ask about your pussy, say yes.. I'll be behind the door with my Golf Putter if he attack you... Okay ?? "

Wife: "Hmmmm..... Ok....."

The next day, as usual, at 5pm sharp, the Old Man came...
Knock !! Knock !!

Wife: Yes..?? (husband behind door listening)

Old Man: Is ur husband at home ??

Wife: NO. Why?

Old Man: Do u have a Pussy??

Wife: YES of course.. Why??

Old Man: FINALLY !! So please tell ur Stupid Husband to STOP FUCKING MY WIFE !!!

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